User Submitted Sound Files

Want your sound files posted here? Just send us your recordings on CD, in .WAV or .MP3 format and we'll do the rest. We reserve the right to use all sound files submitted at our discression.

Played by:
Dan Kern

Low Fi Filter Solo.mp3 (size 785 kb) - Dan uses his Gibson ES-446 (hollowbody) though a Fargen Blackbird with a Low Fi Filter nestled comfortably between them.

Played by:
Michael Lawrence


Ultra Drive3.mp3 (960 kb) - the Ultra-Drive unit used for soloing.

Ultra Wall.mp3 (700 kb) - chords and wall of fuzz/sustain.

Ultra Scoop.mp3 (588 kb) - the Ultra-Drive with the tone filter scoop dialed in.

Octave X.mp3 (size 808 kb) - Michael uses the OCTAVE-X here to get a very classic hendrix tone. Note the smooth manner in which the pedal rolls off and the sweet sound when he bends notes.

Michael Lawrence 60 sec lo fi clip.mp3 (size 1.10MB) - Here you can hear the Low Fi Filter used as an overdrive/fuzz. Note the complexity the unit adds to the tone. This file contains several clips with the unit set to different filter settings. The Low Fi Filter can do AM radio and telephone tones as well as the smooth overdrive/fuzz tones heard in this file.

Played by:
Sascha de Knoop

Shuffle.mp3 (size 1.52MB) - It's a Texas shuffle style blues thingy with a Jimmie Vaughan/Ronnie Earl type solo. The rhythem portion was played using a '75 Fender Pro Reverb /w Celestion Vintage 30 speakers with the Fuzz Drive as a sort of fattener to add some low-end. You can clearly hear the Fender without being affected by the Fuzz Drive, except for the extra low-end. The solo is played thru the Fuzz Drive into a 50W Marshall Plexi thru a 4x12" Marshall cab fitted with Greenbacks. This shows how well the Fuzz Drive acts as an overdrive. The guitar used was a '57 USA Ri Strat with Van Zandt pickups.

Played and Recorded by:
Mike Donkers and Ruben Klabbers from Mike & the Mellotones (

Recorded by:
BJ Baartmans, at Leon's Farm, Boekend, the Netherlands, Europe. (

Mixed by:
BJ Baartmans and Mike Donkers

Mastered by:
Rob van Boeckel and Mike Donkers at New Road Studios, Wijchen, the Netherlands, Europe (

Fuzz Attack.mp3 (size 1.05MB) - Both the rhythm and lead part are played by Mike using a strat thru his Marshall Super Bass plexi 100 with the G2 turned up full blast! This clearly demonstrates the fuzz face-like sounds you can dial into the G2. The harmonics and sustain are rich and the soundfile takes on a Led Zeppelin-like character.

Crunchy Slide.mp3 (size 1.17MB) - This slide bit is played by Mike using BJ's strat thru the Super Bass with the G2 churning out a drive with a fuzzy edge. Perfect for slide guitar! Listen to the way the tubes and the pedal work together to produce a gorgeous crunch. The rhythm part is the amp's clean sounds without the aid of the Fuzz Drive. The result is a blues/country/soul/gospel ballad that sounds both dirty and refined.

Tumbleweed.mp3 (size 2.14MB) - This is a Stones-like rhythm part played by Mike thru his '64 Super using the Fuzz Drive G2, with the volume turned down slightly (8) on the Strat. This makes the Super sound like a Vox. The first solo is played with thru a 15w Matchless Tornado amp, Ruben takesthe second with a G2 and '66 Super.

Bo Diddly.mp3 (size 2.42MB) - This little psychedelic jam was done by Mike and Ruben over a Bo Diddley rhythm. Here you can hear our new Octave Pedal at work through a '63 blonde tolex Bassman head w/ a Marshall 4x12 cab. The backing is played with Strats straight into the '64 and '66 blackface Super Reverbs.


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