The following pedals were CUSTOM PROJECTS that we were contracted to build. If you have a custom project that you would like us to quote, simply email us with your ideas, we'd be happy to consult with you on your design needs.

Custom Low Fi Filter Pedal
Custom LFF pedal
Here is our LFF pedal with all the internal switches moved to the outside of the pedal. Some of these dials are six position switches that allow the user to setup the pedal on the fly to get the tone they need. Custom price on these units depends on what options you select. Just contact us if you would be interested in a unit like this.

Custom "THE POT" Pedal

Custom pedal

This customer had issues with stomping off their dials, so we used a support bar to cover the dials so they would not be damaged by heavy feet! The pedal itself is "THE POT" + a tone control in a single unit, basically it replicates your guitars controls, but in a passive floor based unit.

Custom "THE MICRO POT" Pedal


This customer had NO ROOM for a volume control on their pedal board, so we crammed the pot into less than 1/2 its normal case. This unit measures around 4 inches long and just over 1 inch wide and deep.

Custom Overdrive Pedal
Custom drive unit

We built this custom overdrive for a customer who wanted a switchable boost with their fuzz. Units like this are costly but provide you with additional features at the same time. We can work with you to determine what setup and circuit type will work best for your particular application.

Dual Head Switching Unit

Dual Head Switcher

This unit was built for a customer who wished to switch combinations of channels on two seperate heads at the same time, with a single stomp of a switch.

Dual Amp Channel Selectors

Example 1Dual Channel Amp Channel Switcher
Example 2Dual Channel Amp Channel Switcher

If your amp did'nt come with a foot pedal or you just want to upgrade, then look no further. Here are two custom Dual Amp Channel Selectors that feature a stereo jack connection, allowing for custom cable lengths. User must purchase cable from us in this case as special 3 conductor wire is necessary. Different size cases, configurations, lamps and custom color LED's are available.

Note: We do not accept all custom projects, time just wont allow it. Please contact us and we will discuss your project and how we can help. If we cant help at this time, we'll try to send you to someone who can......


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