Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully these will answer any quick questions you might have. If not, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: Currently we only accept Pay Pal, personal checks and US money orders. Please refer to the ordering page for more information.

Question: Will you ship overseas and if so how much?
Answer: Yes we will ship overseas, thats not a problem. Please contact us reguarding S&H rates to your particular country. Do not use the automated PAY PAL portion of our site instead send email to: and request a quote. Many times we will be able to work out some sort of deal to help you with the additional costs, so please ask!

Question: How do your units work with other effects pedals?
Answer: Very well! We have build our pedals with the best of vintage and current design practices in mind. In so doing, we have designed our equipment to be usable in conjunction with other effects pedals giving the user a greater set of tonal paints to musically work with.

Question: Whats the difference between the sound of the Fuzz Drive G2 and the Ultra Drive?
Answer: Well its night and day...they both have very different intended uses. The Fuzz Drive G2 is more touch responsive but will give you less overall saturation of fuzz/od, it gives you more of your guitar and amps character and brings them to life. It will not overpower your tone, but add to whats already there...feed it some blues and you will be in sonic Nirvana. The Ultra Drive is ment to be give you huge crunch and saturation, it will dominate your amp and take over with its germanium distortion. The unit is more like a Muff on steorids, giving you singing sustain. If your into VERY heavy stuff go with the Ultra Drive, if you like the blues or that style of tone the Fuzz Drive G2 is for you.

Question: Can I call you with questions?
Answer: No, I don't accept phone calls anymore, there are not enough hours in the day. If I take calls, then I'm late on pedals and that just makes other people mad. Due to the bulk of communications I get, email is the only source I can currently offer with my present staffing. After you email us you can send us your number and if we feel we cannot get what we need via email then we will give you a call. This is for the best really, more customers get helped faster and I have a record of everything we talk about and decide to do.

Question: Where are your distributors located?
Answer: See our links page for a list of our current vendors here in the USA and overseas.

Question: I bought a Fuzz Drive with a Diamond Face plate, is this a real Fuzz Drive?
Answer: The Diamond face plate Fuzz Drives were prototype units and there were very few that found their way into circulation. The majority of them are marked prototype, but some are not. These were built to test design concepts and have hand etched PCB's. They are a bit rough in their construction when compaired to todays build quality, but are on par as far as tone goes. These units are not Fuzz Drive G2 units, many design and tone tweeks seperate the G2 from these early test units.

Question: My Diamond Face Plate FD has 6 internal switches, how do I set these?
Answer: At all times 1 switch from ranges 1-3 and one switch from range 4-6 must be "on". The Factory settng on this unit is, 12 and 56 on, 34 off. Other settings are 1 and 6 on, the rest off, this will give you a gain boost and less drive. Set just 3 and 4 on and the rest off to get the maximum amount of drive and fuzz from the pedal. The user should experiment with the pedal to see what settings work best with their setup.

Question: What type of amp sounds best with your pedals?
Answer: Our units will sound best on tube driven amps, but will work fine with transistor amps as well. Most overdrives tend to work best with tube amps as they clip in a manner that the ear interperts as more musical.

Question: How do you ship your pedals?
Answer: We use USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation unless prior arrangements have been made. We believe in recycling shipping materials as well, so whenever possible we reuse boxes and packing materials. This saves cost for everyone and is better for the environment. In this manner we dont have to pass the price of bubble wrap on to you.


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