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Everything you know about marketing is Completely wrong!
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if I can’t find you $2500 to $25,000 of untapped opportunity in your current business, then don’t hire me!


The percentage of businesses missing out on untapped opportunities.

 Your Coach: Justin J. Everman


Are you Feeling COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED and FRUSTRATED with your current business progress?

If you’re like most businesses I work with, you do a great job with your products and services already. Yet something is wrong, you’re not getting the clients you need or the sales you want. You might be just 3ft from hitting gold, but you just don’t have the right shovel just yet.  That’s where I come in.

What you need are the exact marketing and sales steps to follow and a proven method based on psychology and human behavior.  A method that deploys the right tactical tools convey your message with Power, Precision, and Passion showing your prospects that you’re the only choice they should even consider.

Hello, I’m Justin J. Everman, your Tactical Marketing Coach. I’m here to help you identify the challenges that are stopping you from getting your message out to the world.  You may have tried many things and had less than stellar results, that’s normal and the very reason what I offer is different, very different.

“If you’re going to repair a car you need the right tools. if you’re going to communicate effectively, the same is also true. having the right tools changes everything.”

Tactical Marketing

Business Strategy

Sales Coaching


Executive Coaching


What I Can Do For You

I get it, you’re busy!  After all, you have a business to run. That’s exactly why our programs are so essential to your success. We want to help you explode in your market by tactically positioning you as the “GO TO” for your product or services.

How? Using a scientifically derived method I’ll show you how to build your marketing messages with a step by step process that will help set you apart from the rest. The sad fact is that most marketing simply doesn’t work as it lacks the ability to convey information as to why you’re better or different than anyone else. If you don’t know why you’re unique then neither does your prospective client!


  Isn’t it about time we changed all that?

Tactical Marketing

I teach my clients how to write marketing that resonates with their target market and educates them in a way that sets them apart from anyone else!

Your Words Matter

Learn to communicate your identity and purpose with Power, Precision, and Passion. You might be the best, but is your marking REALLY conveying that or do you sound like everyone else?

Asking questions

Learn how to ask the right questions and lead your prospects to the conclusion that you are the ONLY one they want to do business with.


Stop leaving money on the table! A little innovation puts you miles a head of the competition! Don’t just tell them, show them. Sometimes small tweaks can make all the difference.


Your Search Is Over

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve been searching for a way to really stand out. You’ve been looking for a “Secret Weapon” that will give you that strategic advantage over your competition.  The good news is, your search is now over!

As an Engineer, Marketer, and Entrepreneur, my job is and always has been to solve problems. It’s what I’ve done for over 20 years at some of the largest companies in the world and it’s what I’m here to help you with too.  Give me a call today and I’ll show you how we can work together to solve your biggest marketing and sales challenges.