You're Wasting time & Money On Ads That No One Even Sees!

Stop Wasting Money:

There is a 99% chance that your marketing is all wrong!

You might think that’s a bold claim, at first, but let me explain. If your marketing looks, sounds and feels just like your competition, you’re never going to be noticed! Unless you fix this fast, you’ll continue to hemorrhage money, waste precious time, and obliterate any chance you have of reaching your ideal prospect.

The good news is, that it’s not even your fault.  It’s just how you were taught and what you grew up seeing and hearing. The world has changed, and your marketing must change as well. What worked in the past just won’t cut it today.

Jump on a call with me, have your ad copy in front of you and let’s see how we can help you! 


Chances that your marketing is all Wrong!

How confident are you?

What’s that, you think you got this?

Are you sure?

Read on, we have a challenge for you.

There is a VERY good chance that:

  • Your marketing is full of useless platitudes which is why your ads don’t convert.
  • Your using ad copy methodology that is 40 years out of date.
  • Your marketing looks EXACTLY like everyone else’s and is never even noticed.
  • Your marketing is not properly tapping into the human brain.
  • Your not speaking with power, precision, and passion and therefore lack identity.

Do your ads pass our 3 TEST CHALLENGE?

Go and grab any piece of your marketing, ad copy, online ad, etc… anything you want, you choose. If it passes all of these simple tests you don’t need us, if not, give us a call ASAP because you REALLY NEED US.


Test # 1

Does your marketing contain Platitudes?

Platitudes are trite or banal remarks that are spoken as though they were original or significant. They sound like: “Lowest Prices,” “Highest Quality,” “Family Owned and Operated,” “Been in business since 1912,” and are a waste of time and money. Do you use these types of statements? Look at your ad and if you can read it and say “well, I would hope so” to it, then you fail the first test and you’re using platitudes. Example: An ad for a plumbing company says: “We fix leaks the first time or it’s free” – well I would hope so, that’s what a plumber is supposed to do!


TEST # 2

When you look at your marketing ask the question: “who else can say that?”

If the the answer is, anyone and everyone, then your marketing fails Test #2 and should be reworked. It’s not who can do what you do, it’s who can say what you say as that’s all a prospect will know from the ad. On paper at least, you look like the guy down the street if your marketing is not on point. Most ads that fail this lack what we call identity and they are not communicated with a sense of power, precision, and passion.


Test # 3

The X out test!

Finally, take your ad and cross out your company name and write in the name of your competition. If the ad is still true, then you have some work to do! What that tells us is that you offer the same things and look the same to your prospects. With a little innovation and coaching though, all that can be fixed quickly.

How did your marketing stack up?

Did it pass all 3 tests?

If not, let’s get on a call today as we should talk!